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Are Your Prices Based On Your Talent?

Updated: May 1, 2020

I love when people around me have a talent or idea they want to turn into a business. BUT too often pricing causes start up entrepreneurs to burn themselves out.

Think about how much you want to profit from your business per service, per day, per month or per year.

Do you want to work for your business or do you want your business to work for you?

Consider your services and leverage what you have to offer. Lets say you have a package that you charged $600 for and did that 10 times a year... Or a product that you sold 20 times a day at $10. Now what if you do both?

How could your business turn around?

You could be making $79,000 a year with that simple formula.

Always think of your company as if it is your only source of income and adjust your pricing and packages as such!! #GirlBoss

Marketing by Markee is at your service for your business start up branding and marketing!!

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